The Board of Directors

In the board room, there need to be an atmosphere of openness and respect for different views and opinions - all questions should be asked!

The Swedish model

We should be proud of - and protect - our Swedish corporate governance model! We have a model of high international standards. It is characterized by a clear division of roles between shareholders, the company's board and executive management.

Corporate governance is regulated by a combination of statutory rules, self-regulation and unwritten practice and, last but not least, Swedish traditions. Important parts of the framework are the Swedish Companies Act and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code.

The chairman

The chairman's role is very important when forming a successful board. He or she is appointed to chair, manage and develop the board's work, and shall create a tone and an atmosphere in the boardroom that inspires trust and respects different, sometimes divergent, views. The chairman is the CEO's boss and acts as a link between the board and the company's executive management. The chairman should also act as a communication link with the shareholders, board members, other stakeholders and the press.