As you build your vision and set your goals it is crucial to understand the expectations your board of directors has. The shareholders (owners) should provide their owner’s directives to the board, i.e. giving their view of what they want with the ownership and the company. The board shall then in turn give you the task, and empowerment, to build a business plan and to execute it.

Your own vision

To be successful you need to deeply understand what you want with the business you are designated to lead and manage. What is in it for you? You will need a significant amount of motivation, energy and joy to devote all the time and effort needed to grow the business and reach the goals.

When the business grows, you have to grow with it! You need to understand and determine what kind of leadership is needed, what kind of leader you are and, last but not least, what kind of leader you want to be.

External and independent

If you are the CEO, the chairman is your main "sounding board". However, it may also be valuable to get complementary external, independent (outside-in) input when deciding how to grow the business and what leadership is needed. I have been fortunate to work along numerous leaders in various phases of a business’ development - both in upturns and downturns. I have not only seen what works, but also what does not work in a given situation.


We meet two to three hours once a month for a year or so. We discuss and analyze your vision and mission for your business, what route to take and the leadership needed to succeed. But that it is all the time your decision! I will guide, share my network and my experiences from similar situations.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you want more information about me as a coach and mentor.